2010 SAM Annual Awards
Published on Sunday, October 17, 2010 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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FAMILY OF THE YEAR: The Decoigne family. Doug, Debb and Doug Jr. of the Savoy Kanary Kats.
This years recipient are Trail Gurus. For them, the work starts during the snowmobile off-season and doesn’t end until the trails are fixed. They spend weeks of time and effort during the seasonal ritual, we call trail clearing.

When a large project comes along, or a big disaster strikes, such as the infamous ice storm, they bring out the heavy guns: their excavator and company employees, to make sure the trails are ready for snow. Once the snow does arrive they get inside a groomer and smooth out the trails for everyone to enjoy. The family takes part in club events, is involved in the leadership, is a true advocate of snowmobiling, and has brought several new members into the fold.

YOUTH SNOWMOBILER OF THE YEAR: Erica Balchuinas of the Coldbrook Snowmobile Club
This nominee has been involved with snowmobiling all her life, volunteering at the SAM snow Expo for years and attending club meetings with her parents. Whether sitting in a SAM booth for a full weekend or rolling 300 meatballs for a spaghetti supper she is always there and always has been there.

She has been overheard talking to friends about the sport and educating them on what is needed to ride a snowmobile. A friend’s parents were so impressed by her talk that they recently joined SAM.

The honor roll student has completed babysitting training and CPR courses, and volunteers each week with her sister to babysit the young children while the parents work on the trails or club functions. She is currently working to sponsor a kid’s cleanup day at a local state park and is involved in other community projects too.

Her father wrote the following: She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is there when the club needs her. Her intellect, wit and charm are second to none and she is also one heck of a cook. (Her shrimp scampi would make Emeril cry with envy) She has worked for so many years and for so long that snowmobiling is indeed her life.

SNOWMOBILER OF THE YEAR: Sonia McWhirt of the Adams Sno-Drifters
This year’s nominee is unique when compared to other recipients. This snowmobiler isn’t known for lugging a chainsaw, hammering nails, or pulling all-nighters behind the controls of a groomer. This person is an organizer within the club, someone who participates at all club functions, because chances are they are one of the coordinators… especially if it’s a charity event.

Taking responsibility for the distribution of the club’s monthly newsletter and special mailings, as well as maintaining the club website is a priority, and twelve-month-a-year job, a task that requires significant dedication.

  • Other noteworthy attributes include:
  • Club Secretary for more than six years.
  • Mentions a charity related topic at EVERY Club meeting
  • Multi-taskes at rides: registration, paper work, food preparation, signage and so on.
  • Takes pictures at all events for the club archives
  • Liked and respected in Club and the Community
  • Charity work throughout the year includes
  • Toys for Tots
  • Relay for Life
  • and much more

The person who sent the nomination to the SAM office had this to say:
I don’t know if she has time to ride—she’s always working on non-riding projects! She should be recognized for the many things she does that give the sport a good name. Her charity work alone is sufficient to garner the award. All the other things see does directly for the club and indirectly for SAM are “sprinkles on the frosting”

PRESIDENT’S AWARD: Craig Warner of the Conway Snowmobile Club recives the first ever “President’s Award” in recognition of his volunteer work as the SAM webmaster for many years, as well as his ongoing work on the SAM map project.

Do you know of a volunteer who should be recognized? Send a nomination to the SAM office now. The deadline is March 1st, but why wait.

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