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advertise at On The Trails with SAM snowmobile magazine and


  • On the Trails with SAM is the only magazine that reaches every snowmobile association member in Massachusetts.
  • If you market to the snowmobiler and power-sports market in the Massachusetts region, you owe it to yourself to advertise in On the Trails with SAM.
  • Each issue carries your marketing message to devoted snowmobile and power-sports enthusiasts with disposable income.


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SAM Reader Purchasing Power


Hotels & Motels:

  • Over 40% stay 10 or more nights per year in hotels/motels.
  • Over 60% will travel outside the state to enjoy New Hampshire and Vermont, 40% to Maine. New York and Quebec are also favorite destinations.
  • Over 70% of our readers use advertisements in our magazine to book and plan trips all year long.
  • Our readers travel and stay overnight to satisfy their enthusiasm.
  • Why not show them the benefits of staying at your property?



  • Circulation: 16,000 October; 7,000 November through April
  • Distribution: Mailed to 7,000 SAM member households; balance distributed to every registered snowmobile owner in the state plus bonus distribution at the Sled Expo
  • Frequency: Monthly during October – March
  • Gender: 83% male, 17% female
  • 94% read advertisements
  • Association members are the solid citizens of snowmobiling
  • Club members are responsible for maintaining trails
  • Editorial includes timely updates on local & state issues that national media doesn’t cover


Our readers tell us that in the coming year they will purchase:

  • 2,522 snowmobiles
  • 2,703 snowmobile jackets and boots
  • 3,426 traction products
  • 1,987 performance add-ons
  • 2,762 helmets


If you market to snowmobilers in Massachusetts and New England, On the Trails with SAM is a must-have for your advertising budget.



On The Trails With SAM



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Advertise on the official SAM website and reach thousands of snowmobilers directly while supporting a volunteer association.


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  • Large Top Banner (468 x 60): $600/12 months
  • Column Ads, Right Side (336 x 280), 12 months for $240/12 months
  • This is the place to advertise locally. Ads rotate.
  • Submit images in the dimensions specified above in Adobe psd format, jpg, or gif.


Email Keri Wanner for details or call 701-220-5829


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