Batteries Assaulted in VT! (By Randy Toth)
Published on Monday, January 25, 2010 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Hotflash decided to chain his replacement flashlight to the outside of his sled to avoid any unplanned meltdowns (You remember what happened to his last flashlight, don’t you?). He purchased a small heavy-duty piece of casehardened chain and attached one end to his flashlight screw-on cover and the other end to his sled. As we loaded the sleds onto the trailer after a long day of hard riding in Vermont, he noticed the chain was still securely attached to both the flashlight cover and the sled. Unfortunately, the flashlight itself was nowhere to be found. The high speed bumps must have caused the cover to unscrew from the flashlight body leaving it somewhere along about 100 miles of trails in the Green Mountain National Forest. While Hotflash stood there in total disbelief, a Vermont EPO rode up over to us and asked if we saw anyone discarding flashlight batteries along the trail. Dumping toxic waste, the batteries, is apparently a Federal Offense on National Forest property. I was tempted to do my civic duty, but… since I had come to Vermont in Hotflash’s truck and it was a long way home, I figured that discretion should be observed and that Hotflash should remain out of jail to ride with me again.

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