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While driving up to the Old Forge Snodeo in New York a sign on the side of the road in the small town of Barneveld caught my eye. Hmm… Hudon’s Sled Salvage, huh? I’ve heard of them before. I’ve got some time so let’s stop in and for a minute or two and say hi. No big deal, just a few minutes and then I will be straight back on my way again. Do you remember the theme song from Gilligan’s Island? Well it soon became a three hour tour! Honestly though, who can really get excited about sled parts? Parts is parts, right? Well not at Hudon’s! Parts are a way of life for these folks and soon you will know why. The staff greeted me warmly including Mr Hudon’s daughter Nicole. Staff members Dave, Lory and Roger began to tell tales of a store that’s been around since 1965. Dan Hudon started small and carried such brands as John Deere, Polans, Blue Goose, and Otter snowmobiles. Dang, never heard of them boys before! He worked his way up to be one of the largest, if not largest salvage yards on the East Coast. Maybe the largest east of the Mississippi.

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