ISMA: Take the Pledge
Published on Tuesday, November 9, 2021 in General Announcements, Safety

A message from Ed Klim, International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association (ISMA) President.

To our valued association, advocates and club members,

ISMA is launching an effort to deal with riders going off trail, or riding in areas where they shouldn’t be, it’s called Take The Pledge. The effort involves using ambassadors and influencers from all five snowmobile brands to deliver the message of protecting access, protecting landowners and riding where it’s legal.

Social media is our fastest and most effective way to reach riders with this message, so we’ve based our effort on using those platforms.

There are some videos produced for your use on all of your digital channels to help spread this message. An English version and a French version. The French video versions are in their final stages and will be available shortly. There are different length videos for you to choose from to match your needs, plus it helps provide some variety as we view the effort to be a season long endeavor. More edits will be added in the coming weeks—potentially one with high ranking Industry leaders—so check back and renew your message often.

If you wish to send out email messages for Take the Pledge—the text is below:

The Pledge: I realize that illegal off trail riding is closing access for all snowmobilers and endangering our riding freedoms. This is about more than my personal rights or my wishes—this about the good of the entire riding community.

  • I Pledge to ride off trail only where I know it’s legal and accepted
  • I Pledge to check before going off trail if I don’t know
  • I Pledge to protect access for future generations by doing the right thing
  • I Pledge to protect access by encouraging those I ride with to also take the Pledge

Visit these websites to learn more and take The Pledge—English version, French version.

As always, we appreciate everything you do for the sport and thank you for helping in this effort.

Ed Klim
International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association

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