Massachusetts Snowmobile Trail Map

SledMass Trail Map for iPhone and Android

Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts
Snowmobile Trail Map

Paper Maps are obtained from your club or trail pass outlets. The SAM office does NOT have maps.


Download the SledMass Snowmobile Trail Map App for iPhone and Android.

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SledMass trail map premium features:

  • Displays trails, junctions and spurs to amenities
  • Option for trail and junction labels, which can be toggled on and off
  • Statewide Trail Pass sales locations
  • Clubhouses and club meeting locations
  • Businesses and amenities, with info and phone numbers
  • Tap to call a business directly within the app
  • Parking areas, which can be toggled on and off
  • Background map choice of street or satellite view
  • Weather radar overlay (when cell reception is available)
  • Map will keep centered while riding. A simple but important function
  • Breadcrumb tracking records your trip
  • Mark and save waypoints to record key locations and landmarks
  • Create/tap a route to follow within the app, for those that plan ahead
  • No cell service needed for navigation

SledMass Phone App FAQ

I just downloaded the SledMass snowmobile Trail map app and it fails to open or crashes.

It is possible that part of the download was interrupted when installing. Try to uninstall and reinstall the app from a reliable WiFi connection. You might consider rebooting the phone after uninstalling the app. Also be sure to check for updates so that you are running the most recent version of the app.

Turning GPS On and Off

Open the map app, go to the settings tab at the bottom and turn the GPS on or off. You canpreserve battery life if you want the map open without GPS functionality.We suggest you quit the app after your snowmobile ride to end the session and preserve battery life.

I don’t have unlimited data so data usage has to be kept to a minimum.

Location services itself should not use any data at all. Other than that the only time the app should use data is when showing the Google basemap, which should be minimal. Also, Google maps are typically cached on the device after they have been viewed the first time so this will lessen data usage as well.

Using the app drains the battery on my phone. Is there any way to fix this?

Mobile phones tend to die quickly when using GPS for an extended period of time. When not using the GPS features of the app turn off the “Use GPS” option in the app settings to save battery life. Quit the app when done. Also keep in mind that cold weather will drain the battery sooner as well.

How do I tap out a route in the app – iPhone version

  • tap Settings to display preferences
  • tap Trail Intersections switch and Show All Trails switch
  • tap a red pin at starting location
  • tap the Plus symbol
  • at the bottom, tap on Create Route
  • possible routes now shown as purple
  • tap the next pin that connects, tap Plus symbol
  • at the bottom, tap Add to Route
  • continue this process, the saved route shows in green, your next choice(s) in purple
  • when done, tap the arrow icon at the top of the screen to save
  • to display saved routes to follow, tap Routes button and tap route you wish to follow

How do I tap out a route in the app – Android version

  • tap menu button to display Preferences
  • check on Intersection pins
  • tap a red pin at starting location
  • tap Create a route, possible routes now shown as purple
  • tap the next pin that connects, Add to Route
  • continue this process, the saved route shows in green, your next choice(s) in purple
  • when done, tap menu button, Save Route
  • to display saved routes to follow, tap menu button, Load Route

When you are building a route, if you choose a trailmarker/pushpin and add it to your route is there a way to remove it without starting the whole route over?

Yes, you can delete the last added point in a route by tapping that point again.

Is there a way to track where you came from (record your route), like breadcrumbs?

Yes, we do have breadcrumb tracking.

If you are on an iPhone – tap on the GPS blue dot to start tracking.
If you are on an Android device – tap on the compass in top corner.

Tap again when done tracking (on the blue dot or compass) and save your path. Then you can follow your tracks back.

Why does the Location Servicesrun in the background when the app is active?

There are three options for Location Services in the iPhone Settings – “Always” “Never” or “When Using.” In order for breadcrumb tracking to work in the background it must be set to the “Always” option. If you choose “When Using” it will stop recording if the app goes into the background, such as during a text, call or if you open another app.To counteract this you can simply enable/disable the GPS option in the map app itself.Open the map app, go to the settings tab at the bottom and turn the GPS on or off.

How long will I continue to receive updates to the app before having to purchase a new version?

The apps will receive all trail updates (see below), features, and bug fixes until the end of 2016 – around mid May. After that you will need to purchase a newversion of the app to continue to receive new trails and features.

How to check for trail updates.

Map data updates (the trails) are independent of the app update. To check: Be sure the app is not running. Completely kill/stop the app. Swipe it away. You must be connected to a good WiFi signal. Restart the app. If new data is available a pop-up will offer you the opportunity to download it. Otherwise you have the lastest data. If you got a message saying there was an map update and didn’t install it at that point, wait a day and try again. The app only check for updates once a day.

My phone was lost/broken/stolen. Do I need to purchase the app again to have it on my new phone?

No, as long as your new phone runs the same operating system as your previous phone. (e.g. Android -> Android, iPhone -> iPhone). Your purchase will be saved to to the account used on your old device and will be available for download free on your new phone.

Can the trail apps be used on an Android tablet, iPad or iPod Touch?

The apps are not designed to work on tablet devices and are not officially supported. However it is quite possible that the apps will run on tablets without problems. However, they would need to be GPS enabled to navigate. Typically this is included if the device has cellular capability, Wi-Fi only devices do not have GPS.

I am having problems creating routes in a certain area. Am I doing something wrong?

Try zooming in closer. Some of the intersections are very close together and it can be hard to get the correct one sometimes. The pin actually looks like one pin, but zooming way in, you see it is actually two pins. If you still have trouble, please contact us asap with a screen shot of the area or the trail IDs and junctions – there may be a data error that we need to fix. Thanks.

When creating a trip on the app, if you try to circle back to a point/junction where you started, it does not allow you to select that same point to complete the loop. Am I doing something wrong?

No, this is a basic routing method where every point can only be used once. You’ll need to stop/save your route shy of tapping the starting point. We are adding an enhancement to the web map project this year that will allow you to create routes easier on a big screen and then upload them to your smartphone or GPS device.

I can’t see the trails, the screen is green or blue or some other color.

Turn off “Show Weather” in settings. Important: The weather setting uses phone data, shut off weather to limit data usage.

Do your snowmobile trail maps work on a Windows Phone?

Unfortunately due to the small market for Windows Phone we currently only support Android and iOS (iPhone) devices.

Disclaimer: Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM) and Mohawk Valley GIS (app developers) cannot guarantee the accuracy of the trail locations nor can SAM and Mohawk Valley assume responsibility for the condition of the trails depicted in the app. Please use caution and common sense at all times when riding. Follow posted signs on the trails at all times.