• Poll: What Type of Snowmobile Trailer Do You Tow?

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    Dec 08, 2013

    Snowmobile trailers are a necessity. Even if you live right on the trail, there’s always a desire to explore a different region, and that requires towing.


    Snowmobile trailers are expensive, often costing nearly as much as a decent sled. There are many variations  but it pretty much boils downs to two types: open or enclosed. In this comparison we review the basic advantages and disadvantages.


    Open trailers are low cost, lightweight, and offer excellent reward visibility from the drivers seat of the tow vehicle. Best of all, they don’t require a big truck to haul.


    On the downside, they offer little protection. Sleds being transported on open trailers need to be individually covered, and that can be a cold, messy job.


    Enclosed trailers offer easy drive-on and close the door convenience, completely protecting snowmobiles from the elements. They double as a storage shed in the off-season, keeping the sleds out of direct sunlight and rain.


    They do have negatives. They are expensive, heavy, suffer from wind drag when towing and are more difficult to maneuver.


    All trailers have excellent resale value. Just maintain the tires, axles and electrical system and you should have years of happy towing.


    6 responses to “Poll: What Type of Snowmobile Trailer Do You Tow?”

    1. scotzr900two says:

      4 place enclosed its a long wet ride from norwalk ct to mass

    2. Walleye says:

      scotzr900two said
      4 place enclosed its a long wet ride from norwalk ct to mass

      Thats nothing. We tow these trailers a couple times a season from Ct to La Tuque Quebec for some good riding.

    3. sled head says:

      2 sleds, 12 foot enclosed tilt trailer. Fits my needs just fine.


    4. bobradar says:

      Proline  4 place V nose enclosed

    5. 05 Sabercat says:

      Still rockin the open trailer but that is going to change for next year. I want a enclosed with a rear door that doubles as the ramp. Maybe a 3 place drive on/off.

    6. petroman says:

      10′ Aluma brand 2 place open trailer with the wishbone type front tongue and aluminum snow shield. I cover the toys. Works perfect for the Quads in the summer too…….

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