• Poll: What’s Your Favorite Type of Snowmobile Helmet?

    What's Your Favorite Type of Snowmobile Helmet?
    Nov 12, 2013

    Snowmobile helmets are a very personal matter. Comfort, style cost, fog reduction, and most importantly, protection, come together in the selection process. Picking out a Most snowmobilers have more than one helmet but they have a favorite that they wear most often.


    4 responses to “Poll: What’s Your Favorite Type of Snowmobile Helmet?”

    1. scotzr900two says:

      HJC on the sled none on the bike

    2. slow-ride says:

      I prefer snocross style helmets.


      I ride with glasses or contacts and have found goggles will help hold my glasses in place on rough trails and still allow me to ride aggressively.


      I’ve found full face helmets ‘feel’ heavier on your head & neck after a long ride, they also get a little too warm for me….the trails in this area can really give you a major work-out and sweating is not good. A snocross helmet keeps me a little cooler, feels like it puts less strain on my head & neck also.


      I like the additional volume from a snocross helmet. Seems that I can hear my snowmobile better and can also hear my riding buddies better.


      What I disliked the most about a full face helmet is not being able to get good air circulation. There is nothing more exhausting & uncomfortable to me than my last exhale not making it’s way out of my helmet/clava. This is what I like the most about the snocross, unless you are riding behind 5 smokey sleds, there is always fresh air, even when you aren’t moving.

    3. Walleye says:

      Depends on the temps. When its below freezing all day I go with a full face with an electric shield. For warmer late season rides an off-road type helmet with a set goggles works well.

    4. 05 Sabercat says:

      I rode in a full face for along time but it is easy to get overheated. Last Feb I switched to a MX style lid and love it. It is lightweight and breathes quite well.

      If I was riding while it was snowing or extremely cold I think I would want my FF with electric shield. But the rest of the time I will rock my MX lid.

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