SAM Club Booth at the Sled Expo

Online registration is open until November 9.

Showcase your club at the Sled Expo.

SAM Club Booth Details:

  • Size: 10 X 10 feet (100 Square Feet)
  • Booth includes: 1 6’ table (skirted) | 2 chairs | Electricity | 8’ backdrop and 3’ side curtains
  • You must register by September 1.
  • There is no charge to Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts clubs in good standing (regular cost is $400.00)
  • Club members who staff the booth must pay expo entry fee.

Click here for additional information regarding setup and more.

The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts reserves the right to approve/deny booths exhibiting under this contract.

  • Groomer Display Qualification: MUST REGISTER BY SEPTEMBER 15th *$50.00 Reimbursement per club

    We fully understand that this form is a binding contract and subject to the terms and conditions and rules and regulations set forth at this Expo Information page.
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