SAM Youth Club Proposed (Paul Trova)
Published on Monday, November 29, 2010 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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A SAM Youth Club was proposed at the October SAM meeting by Vice President, Paul Trova. The idea received overwhelming response by the Delegates and will be discussed further at an upcoming SAM meeting. The following outlines the basic proposal.

Goal: Create a SAM affiliated club comprised of youths interested in local and statewide snowmobile issues.
Background: At the 2009 Expo, the Expo committee made a conscious effort to foster and recognize the youthful volunteers by providing them with tee shirts printed with “The Future of SAM.” That promotion continued in 2010 with the addition of yet another youth volunteer at the EXPO.

Implementation: Starting at the January SAM meeting, a committee of youths will meet with a SAM officer for one hour in Room 1109, from 7pm to 8pm to formulate a plan and a vision for getting the youths of SAM involved in local and statewide issues. After the meeting, they would have the opportunity to sit-in on the SAM meeting for the second hour to experience what goes on at the SAM delegate meeting. This will help them get an appreciation for the SAM delegate and meeting structure.
SAM’s Involvement: Provide at least two “Youth Representatives” to help guide the committee, keep them focused and on task. With the SAM delegate’s approval, the SAM VP is offering to be one of the Youth Representatives. For liability reasons, there should be another adult present to help moderate each meeting.

Expense: There may be a slight cost to SAM by way of renting room 1109 for an additional hour each month. If the group is successful, perhaps a stipend of $100 or so could help kickstart their efforts. The intent is that the group would develop some fund raising ideas of their own to keep their club cost neutral and eventually generate a surplus to fund their future activities. They would not have a check book but would have complete discretionary control over their funds. Perhaps give them a spot (club news?) in the SAM Magazine.

Committee Goals: Generate a vision statement, develop and implement ways to generate more interest in the youth group, generate bylaws for the eventual club. Identify what age group constitutes a “youth.”

End Result: At the SAM Annual Meeting, the Youth committee will prove to the SAM delegates that the interest is there, that their input is valid and valuable, and that they should be adopted as an official “club” of SAM. Official recognition by SAM as an “official” non-voting, advisory club is important. This may result in the need to amend SAM’s bylaws.

Benefit to SAM: Help ensure the future of SAM (think ROTC), gain perspective that is relevant to today’s youths.
Youth Club: First meeting to be held during the September 2011 SAM meeting. The agenda might include nominating and electing a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer; review the vision statement and bylaws for new members; discuss snowmobile related topics that are important to them.

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