Senate Amendment Would Remove RTP Funds From Trails
Published on Thursday, July 25, 2013 in In The News, Legislative Affairs, National, News & Updates
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The Coalition for Recreational Trails and The Blue Ribbon Coalition are asking that you contact your U.S. Senators in regards to Recreational Trails Program (RTP) money being diverted away from trail use.

 UPDATE 08/04/13
Thanks to everyone who took action. Because of you, Senator Rand’s amendment failed in a vote on the Senate Floor. Congress received thousands of calls from concerned citizens and it made a difference.  

Remember, these funds are collected through gas tax you pay when snowmobiling to maintain recreational trails and trail-related facilities.

The BRC writes, “The Recreational Trails Program is a time tested and proven successful funding program for outdoor recreation, paid for from a small portion of the taxes you pay at the pump for gas that is not used on roads. The trails the RTP helps to fund, in turn, are the basis for literally billions of recreation dollars and associated taxes spent on goods and services in adjacent communities. Our communities depend on recreation and maintaining the integrity of the RTP all across the US is essential.”

The Coalition for Recreational Trails reports, “We have learned that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) is planning to offer an amendment, Senate Amendment 1742, to the Transportation Appropriations bill (Senate Bill 1243) to transfer all funding from the Transportation Alternatives Program to pay for bridge repairs instead.

The Transportation Alternatives Program includes all the funding for the Recreational Trails Program (see 2012 figures), in addition to funding for what used to be known as Transportation Enhancements as well as Safe Routes to School.”

Please contact Massachusetts Senators Elizabeth Warren, EMAIL, (202) 224-4543 and Edward Markey (no email available, please call) 202-224-2742 and ask them to vote NO on Senate Amendment 1742 to Senate Bill 1243.

Information on contacting Senators can be found at

Photo by Ben Hallmark, Knox Trail Sno-Riders

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