Sneak Peek: SledMass Trail Map for iPhone and Android
Published on January 18, 2015 in News & Updates, Snowmobile Tech

The sledmass team has been working on the top secret SledMass Trail Map for iPhone and Android for the past few months and figured it was time to share a sneak peek with our faithful sled-heads.

UPDATE: SledMass Trail Map Apps available 

The SledMass Trail Map App is being beta tested by a handful of volunteers in each region of the state as we speak. Feedback is extremely positive.

Details will be coming soon, but here is the biggest news of all: once installed on your phone you do not need a cell signal to navigate. As long as your phone can reach the GPS signal, you are good to travel.

SledMass Trail Map for iPhone and Android

The Android version is scheduled to be released within a week or two and the iPhone version by the end of the month. They will be available at the Google Play and iTunes stores for just $4.99. We’ll also have microSD cards for Garmin GPS devices for $20.

Keep an eye on for updates.

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