• Snow Concept Prototype Snowmobile (video)

    Snow Concept Prototype Snowmobile
    Nov 29, 2013

    A prototype snowmobile with a patent in Mansonville, Quebec, is making tracks across the snow and the minds of enthusiasts.


    The inventor, Gautier Arcouette, describes the Snow Concept vehicle as a “vehicle features a low center of gravity, providing great stability. However, it retains exceptional ground clearance to better surmount obstacles, improve the performance in deep snow, and to make use of a long-travel suspension.”


    Snow Concept Prototype Snowmobile


    “On the late models of snowmobiles and ATVs, one of the major improvements refers to a position where the rider can easily switch from a sitting to a standing position while maintaining full control. However, this concept was never integrated into the dual-track vehicles that were commercialized over the years.”


    Snow Concept Prototype Snowmobile


    The patent abstract reads: “A recreational vehicle comprising a body, a steering mechanism, a straddle seat, first and second track assemblies located in respective sides of the straddle seat, at least one motor for driving the track assemblies, and a platform for receiving the feed of a driver, the platform being located intermediate the tracks and the seat, the platform being located at a height of between 10% and 90% of the height of the tracks.”


    Arcouette has posted a survey and is requesting input from snowmobile enthusiast.


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