• Survey: The Sled Expo

    The Sled Expo
    Jan 02, 2014

    The Sled Expo is SAM’s biggest fundraiser of the year. SAM organizes and operates it with help from many volunteers. The profits allow SAM to keep the costs down on many items, like your trail pass.


    Everyone has an opinion and we’re asking for yours.


    So, what do you like about the Sled Expo? What do you think we could do to improve it?


    This is your Expo, we’re asking for constructive feedback to make this event more enjoyable for you and your family.


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    • Let us know what you would like to see added or removed from the Sled Expo.
    • Is there a location other than the Big-E grounds that would be a better?
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    4 responses to “Survey: The Sled Expo”

    1. slow-ride says:

      LIVE entertainment would be awesome…a couple bands playing throughout the weekend would really liven the place up.


      The atmosphere is more like a mall…and I like to get in & get out, which is exactly what I did – even though I wished I would’ve stayed longer, it just lacks atmosphere.


      This most recent expo was the first time I’ve made a bigger purchase than Beef Jerky too. Deals seemed to be a little better – it was nice to see a lot of used sleds and although it seemed like their was less vendors, the amount of product seemed to be improved.


      I do look forward to going every year.

    2. Walleye says:

      Sad to say, but after going countless consecutive years I couldn’t muster the effort to attend another show.

    3. snoging says:

      We went this year for the first time in a few. We gave up on it like a lot of others did. Thought we would give it another try. Glad we did. This years was much better than previous years that we attended. I agree, the atmosphere is not the most exciting. Definitely needs a more festive feel…. Bands would be okay as long as they play a good mix for all to enjoy. More outdoor stuff would be good too, like a larger swap meet and maybe some demos and different food vendors… If you could find a place that has the ability to have outdoor activities along with a nice indoor facility and FREE parking that would be great!

    4. Coldbrook says:

      People need  a draw to get them to come to an event like this. Many people aren’t going to pay to go see what they can see at their local dealer or from their favorite chair at home. Think about it. If you pay $5 for parking and then an admittance fee, plus the cost of gas to go to Springfield, the savings on anything you buy has to be really good. That beef jerky is now pretty expensive. I understand that this is not all the expos fault.

      However people are still looking to be entertained. That is why the drags in NH have become so huge. A grass drag to start will give the people a chance to have some entertainment while shopping for their deals.


      How about some basic sled mechanics seminars. FREE OF CHARGE. I think the average rider would come to see how a belt is changed or a pre trip check is done. Or how to put in the studs you just bought.These can be all advertised in advance to draw in the people. Who would do this stuff. Our dealers who are all ready at the expo. I know they would because I have asked a few if they would and they all thought it was a great idea. Most dealers are very accommodating when it comes to advertizing and getting their name out and bodies in the door.


      I believe that SAM needs to get away from the Big E and find a venue in a farmers field. We have the greatest location in the valley area just need to find a place. The cost of renting the big E would offset the costs of renting tents.

      Yes I will put my services to work too. I can’t do all of the leg work finding a place for I live an hour away. But I can help with the site walks and making calls. If we need shuttle buses or something from parking that can all be worked out too. I would also talk to the dealers and set up all the seminars and times.


      Just my 2cents


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