Awards / Scholarships

Annual Awards and Scholarship Applications.

Are you going to nominate someone for an award?
Be certain that they attend the award ceremonies at the SAM Annual Meeting.

Groomer Operator of the YearThis is presented to an outstanding volunteer who makes sure that the trails we ride all winter long are as smooth as possible.

Club of the Year: Do you feel your club has recently made great strides in bettering snowmobiling? Has your membership been successful in hosting charity events or legislative rides? Any success story is an entry, let SAM know all about your club’s hard work and good fortune.

Dealer of the Year: Do you have a local snowmobile dealer who understands the importance of a relationship with a club? They donate items for raffles, help fix grooming equipment or even donate big-ticket items that are valued in the thousand of dollars. That’s a solid nomination in my book.

Legislator of the Year: SAM has always had fantastic relations with our legislators at the State House, but suppose your local State Rep. or Senator has been of great assistance. Let’s let that legislator know how much we appreciate it.

Family of the Year: On any given weekend snowmobile families are hard at work, some clear trails, others run events. Many families are multi-faceted; Dad grooms, Mom is a club officer and the kids fold and stamp the club mailing. Let everyone know about the great families that dedicate themselves to your club and SAM.

Junior Snowmobiler of the YearSpeaking of families, there always seems to be a teenager out there with his Mom & Dad doing the work of four adults. Chances are, this youngster will be President of your club in a few short years! Let’s keep the flame burning and recognize these talented kids now.

Snowmobiler of the Year: Who is the person in your club that is always there when needed? The one who get the trails cleared and groomed, takes on special projects, builds positive relations with landowners, town officials and legislators. Put the spotlight on this worthy soul, they deserve it!

Trail Worker of the Year: Where would we be without dedicated volunteers to maintain our trails?

Friend of SAMHow about those non-snowmobilers and landowners that support us?

Are you going to nominate someone for an award? Be certain that they attend the award ceremonies at the SAM Annual Meeting.


SAM Scholarship Program and the NE Chapter ISC Program

This information is of importance to all students interested in submitting an application for consideration for the SAM Scholarship Program and the N.E. Chapter ISC Scholarship Program. Please fill out individual applications and carefully read the following rules and information:

The three scholarships are:

SAM Scholarship
Parents and/or students must belong to the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts and a local club prior to January.

SCHOLARSHIP DEADLINE MARCH 15th. All scholarship applications must be sent complete with all paper work via this form by March 15th. Late applications will not be considered.

Any change in college, university or vocational school after the scholarship is awarded will nullify the scholarship. All scholarship awards will be payable after January 1, provided that the student is still enrolled at the college, university or vocational school.

SPONSOR’S RIGHT TO MODIFY, SUSPEND OR TERMINATE. In the event Sponsor is prevented from continuing with the Scholarship Program by any event beyond its reasonable control, then Sponsor shall have the right in its sole discretion to modify, suspend, or terminate the Scholarship Program.