Vintage Ride Application

Mass Vintage Snowmobile Club
Vintage Ride and Event Application

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Rules, Comments and Contact: Vintage events will not have any RACING or SPEED COMPETITION under any circumstances, as insurance does not cover speed events. These events are family fun events, there will be no alcohol. It is the responsibility of the hosting club to have the trails marked and posted properly for the benefit of participants. During registration of a vintage ride, the hosting club must provide each participant with a map of the ride route. Participants must obey state and local laws.

Define Vintage: Older than 20 years of age.

Clubs roll: SAM clubs may “host” vintage events, meets or rides. These event proposals should be relayed to the Committee Chair and the SAM Executive Board by submitting the enclosed form. If the event is approved, the Vintage Committee and the local clubs will promote the event. It is the sole responsibility of the hosting club to organize and staff the event with volunteers. A host may choose to issue trophies or ribbons at their own expense, but it is not required. The hosting club may run a raffle or fund raiser during said event in order to off-set costs. The host should keep the committee informed of the event schedule and plans, as well as any last minute changes.

Vintage Rides: Riders at events must be a member of SAM. It will be up to the club hosting the event to verify that participants are SAM members.

Sanctioned Rides: Because many Vintage sleds are not ridden on a regular basis the Vintage Committee may apply for a special event permit from the Environmental Police allowing for trail rides on Vintage sleds without displaying a trail pass. These rides are limited by law to strict time and destination as written in the agreement, and must have an exact time and location of travel. Sleds that are on this sanctioned ride and do not have a SAM trail pass MUST stay on the sanctioned ride’s trails and within the timeline allowed. If a sled fails to stay on the sanctioned ride, that sled’s owner is liable to be fined under the Massachusetts State Laws governing the recreation vehicles.

Proof of SAM Membership: Any SAM member with a Vintage sled that is registered and has a SAM Trail Pass may take part in the event. Members with a registered Vintage sled that are not displaying a trail pass decal must produce the current pink SAM membership receipt showing he or she is a member in good standing in order to participate in a permitted special event. NOTE: Vintage sleds must have a Mass. State Registration. You can apply for a special Vintage Registration.

Hosting Clubs Rides: Situations and Recommended Actions.

1.) A participant’s sled is registered and the operator has a current SAM membership Trail Pass on the sled. The participant is able to ride the event under the SAM membership agreement and state laws.

2.) A participant has a registered Vintage sled without a SAM Trail Pass, but is a SAM member, with a current pink membership slip for another sled. The participant may ride on sanctioned events only that have been legally permitted by the state for that day.

3.) A prospective participant has a Mass State registration, but is not a member of SAM. The hosting club has the option to sell a membership and Trail Pass in order for the participant to ride in the event.