Weekly Operator’s Grooming Log

SAM Grooming Log

Instructions: One calendar week per sheet/submission.

Report only one grooming per trail, per week. Incomplete or illegible logs will be returned.

Logs more than 1 week late will not be paid without review by the grooming & trails committee. You must forward a log “when” you groom.

Payout is for 10 weeks; however they need not be consecutive. Please fill out form completely each week.

You will receive a emailed copy of the report within minutes after submission. if you do not, please contact the SAM office. Logs MUST be received by the Friday of the following week
Calendar week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. Please verify your dates.

Weekly Operator's Grooming Log

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

    Select the date that corresponds to the first SUNDAY of the week that you are submitting this grooming log for.

    Calendar week is Sunday to Sunday

  • Email needed in order to send you a copy of the report
  • Date GroomedOperatorTrail Route including start and stop map pointsGroomer ClassTotal Hours1-Way Miles: Private1-Way Miles: State