2016 Sled Expo Vintage Show
Published on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 in News & Updates, Vintage
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2016 Sled Expo Vintage Show
Trophies and Cash Prizes

Display your sled at the biggest vintage show in Massachusetts, and maybe even win some cash!

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-Vote and Win-
Forget about the Presidential Election, vote for the best vintage sled!
Voters are automatically enrolled in our giant raffle!

1) Best Restored $50.00 prize and trophy
2) Most Original $50.00 prize and trophy
3) Jr. Class (16 and under) $50.00 prize and trophy
4) Best Registered Vintage $50.00 prize and trophy
5) Best Racer $50.00 prize and trophy
6) Best of Show (Peoples Choice) $100.00 prize and trophy

The Massachusetts Vintage Snowmobile Club welcomes you to hang with like-minded motor heads.

Come see some of the Best Vintage Snowmobiles in New England.

This is a two-day show, so be prepared to wax, buff, and answer vintage questions both Saturday and Sunday. Gas must be drained in order to be brought into the Expo and displayed!

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