2017 Yamaha Sidewinder
Published on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 in News & Updates, Snowmobile Product Review
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It finally happened. The Yamaha factory bolted a turbocharger to a 4-stroke engine and are making it available for public consumption. No more add on turbo kits or compromises. The 2017 Yamaha Sidewinder will deliver close to 200 HP, making it the most powerful snowmobile engine ever available on a showroom floor.

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder Genesis

The new Genesis turbo-charged and intercooled, 998cc 4-stroke triple, featuring triple throttle bodies, a first in production turbo engines, making it smooth, responsive and intoxicating. Light weight, hardened steel connecting rod are mated to forged aluminum pistons that are cooled and lubricated by an oil spraying system. The lightweight aluminum cylinders are ceramic-coated for durability.

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder IHI Turbo

The Nickel alloy turbine body houses a Inconel turbine blade assembly spinning on ceramic ball bearings for a low moment of inertia and lag free response, delivering full horsepower at any elevation or temperature.

New Sidewinder roller secondary clutch

For the hyper performance Sidewinder, Yamaha developed a new YSRC roller secondary clutch to deliver aggressive upshifting while also backshifting quickly to lay down the power. In addition, the new secondary has been slightly upsized to allow an overshift and let the Sidewinder  stretch its legs on a long lake run.

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder RTX LE

Kashima Coated Shocks

The R-TX line three-stage Fox QS3 shock with piggyback chambers have three adjustable compression damping settings and rebound clicker adjusters. Kashima coating fights friction for smooth shock function.

Tuner III Skis were designed specifically for the SRV Chassis and the unique characteristics of the Sidewinder. They deliver reduced ski-pressure, less darting and ease steering effort. Easy to change carbide runners are available in a variety of lengths for the inner and outer keel.

Interesting Features available in R-TX and other select models:

Heated trail seat offering low and high heat settings easily toggled by a dash-mounted control.

Goggle bag on the dash allows engine heat to warm the bag and dry out goggles.

Digital gauge display includes coolant temperature, exhaust temperature, intake air temperature, voltage, along with speed, rpm, altimeter, clock, fuel level, trip meters, and more.

Push button reverse actuates a servo-controlled reverse gear.

High-intensity LED taillight/brake light is lighter and brighter than a traditional incandescent design, and delivers a significantly longer lifespan.

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder turbo

2017 Yamaha Sidewinder Models:

The Sidewinder is available in the following model configurations:  R-TX LE, R-TX SE, L-TX LE, L-TX SE, L-TX DX, B-TX LE, B-TX SE, X-TX 141 LE, X-TX 137 LE, X-TX SE, S-TX 137 DX, M-TX 162. The chassis is a modified version of Yamaha’s solid SRV.

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