Bernardston Gill Leyden Snowmobile Club

Bernardston Gill Leyden Snowmobile Club

Contact information

241 West Leyden Road, Leyden, Massachusetts 01337 (Directions)


Meeting time

Last Monday of the month at 7pm

Meeting Location

Bernardston Veterans Club
16 Hartwell Street
Bernardston MA 01337

Club contacts

Our club newly elected officers and delegates

Jared Smith, President

Dan Hale, Vice President

Camilla Thatcher, Secretary

Jeff Miller, Treasurer

Brad Stafford, Legislative Contact

Brad Stafford, Grooming Contract

Jeff Miller, Membership Contact

Dan Hale, Trails and Map Contact

Brad Stafford, First Delegate

Marcia Miller, Second Delegate

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Mailing Address

241 West Leyden Rd
Leyden, Massachusetts 01337

About our club

The Bernardston Gill Leyden snowmobile club is located right on the I-91 corridor with parking locations within minutes of I-91 on Routes 5 &10. From our trails you can easily access points west thru Colrain into the Berkshires, Vermont VAST trails in 2 different points in Leyden or just spend the day exploring the 60 plus miles of trails our club maintains. We have several access points for food, gas and even lodging. While on our trails please respect all signs for curfews, speeds thru quiet zones and land owner requests.

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Club announcements

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Unfortunately it’s time to close our trails for the season. With the rain and warm temps the snow is melting fast. We had a better run this year than we have had in the past few, we have received comments about trail conditions and grooming, people have shared pictures, please keep it coming, we love to hear from you.

I would like to say thank you to all of our land owners, everyone that spent the time getting the trails ready, the signs made and put up, grooming, storm damage help, and the club members that come to the meetings to help! Only a few issues this year with people going places they shouldn’t have, or speed violations, but all in all it was a good year.

Everyone plays a role! Without landowners and volunteers we wouldn’t have trails. Everyone likes to go out and ride but there are countless hours of prep and work that start every summer, weather its talking to landowners, clearing trails, or maintaining our fleet of club vehicles and drags there is no shortage of work to do.

I would like to invite you to come to a meeting, get more involved with the club, attend one of our fund raisers, or join in on a work bee, we love to meet new people and work as a team to get things done. If you have any new ideas, or ways to improve our club or trails please feel free to let us know! Our meetings are the last Monday night of each month (excluding summer). Regular meeting reminders are posted on our Facebook page.

Things to look forward to next year are some new, wider bridges that will allow for the wide groomers to hit more trails, new trail status signs located at parking areas indicating open or closed, and the new Sled Ma trail map app, let me tell you, this new map app has done well in the trial/tests we have been doing, it will allow for turn by turn navigation just like in your car, real-time updates on closures, and grooming. The new map shows points of interest, gas stations, restaurants, and businesses along the way. If you have a local business and would like to sponsor an ad or be listed please reach out to us for options via email, or message us on our Facebook page.

Thanks again for your hard work!
Jared Smith
President Bernardston-Gill-Leyden Snowmobile Club

Trail pass locations

Rays Cycle Center
322 Wells Street
Greenfield MA 01301
Phone: 413-773-8718
Hours: Monday–Thursday 9am–5:30pm • Friday 9am–8pm • Saturday 9am–4pm

Steel Shed Inc
39 Bernardston Road
Bernardston MA 01337
Phone: 413-773-9601
Hours: Monday–Friday 8am–4pm

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