Dan Gould Named Executive Director of New Hampshire Snowmobile Association
Published on Thursday, May 25, 2017 in In The News, News & Updates, President's Message
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The New Hampshire Snowmobile Association has named Dan Gould as executive director. Dan will be responsible for executive leadership, communications, representation and administration. He will officially start July 1, 2017. 

It is with mixed emotions that I step down as president of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts to accept a full-time position at the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association.

I’ve been active in SAM for the better part of two decades, serving as president since 2003, and V.P. two years prior. The overwhelming support of the clubs and SAM Board of Directors made that possible, and I sincerely thank you.


2017 Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts officers, Mike Sarafin, Treasurer, Jeff Miller, Vice President, Tom Lively, Secretary, Dan Gould, President.

I especially want to acknowledge the executive committee. SAM Past President (and current secretary) Tom Lively mentored me in the early years and continues to advise, while Rena Sumner keeps me energized, informed and focused. Randy Toth’s ability to analyze and interpret the complicated always amazes, and Scott Sumner’s insight and perspective are invaluable. I’m an indebted student to Henry Gillet’s political schooling, and we are fortunate to have young-blood Mike Sarafin on board as treasurer. He’s a keeper.

SAM Vice President, Jeff Miller, will motor into the post of president, as dictated in the bylaws. Jeff’s steady hand, dedication, and proven leadership skills are exactly what SAM needs to succeed in the coming years. I’m confident of that.

A tip of the helmet goes to everyone who submits stories, club news and photos for the magazine and website. You keep me crazy-busy but also entertain, inspire and encourage everyone in the association, including the editor. Keep at it!

Beyond volunteering together, the members of SAM are among my closest friends. The memories we created will be with us forever. I’m talking about fun-sized antics at the expo, winter rides, meetings, trail work, field trips, and ISC 2012.

That’s not to say the party’s over, we’ll still be in touch. We simply won’t be playing hockey at the same rink. I’m sure we can scrimmage once in a while.

Dan Gould and his sons, Brent and Danny, on a ride in Shelburne.

Dan Gould and his sons, Brent and Danny, on a ride in Shelburne.

Dan Gould Named Executive Director of New Hampshire Snowmobile Association

Now for the good stuff: Simply stated, I landed my dream job and get to move within a pinecone toss of the White Mountains. The crew at the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association are exceptional, and just as excited as I am. We speak the same language and aim at the same target. They have big plans for the future and so do I.

It has been a genuine blessing to have worked with everyone at SAM and I look forward to networking for the betterment of snowmobiling in North America.

Dan Gould
Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts
Past President, 2003-2017

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