Final Push for Snowmobile Legislation in Massachusetts
Published on Sunday, December 7, 2014 in Legislative Affairs, News & Updates
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We are fast approaching the end of the current two-year Massachusetts legislative session that began back in January 2013. Since that time the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts has been working to get our two bills passed before the December 31 deadline. The two bills, H3856 and H3858, have an excellent chance of passing into law this session with your help.

H3858 is our Vintage Snowmobile Registration Bill.

H3856 is our Snowmobile Safety Bill.

Both of these bills have progressed exceptionally well, but they each just need one additional small push from all of us to get them into the end zone.

We need you to call or email your legislator ASAP!

Find your legislator contact info and ask them to move H3858 and H3856 into law.

The bills were assigned to the Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture chaired by Rep. Anne M. Gobi (D) Spencer. Following the public hearing in June of 2013, they both underwent some rewriting for improved clarity and acceptance, and in January of 2014 both were reported favorably out of committee.

These bills represent excellent examples of important issues for all snowmobilers. They underscore the fact that the officers and board of directors of SAM are fighting to better snowmobiling in Massachusetts.

The safety bill, H3856, includes four equally important aspects. It would implement a safety education program that will eventually diminish many problems on our trails. It would also set a fine for damaging a snowmobile trail with a wheeled vehicle, something we would all like to prevent.

This bill would add a position for snowmobilers on the Stewardship Council for the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR).

This is most definitely worth fighting for, as it would give a stronger voice to our recreation at a time when it is expanding its outreach.

Lastly, this bill would establish a Land Stamp Fund to be included in registrations that would be used to purchase land or easements for our trail system.

Certainly, when all aspects of this bill become law the benefits to snowmobiling will be significant.
I ask that you email or call your legislators, and have your friends do the same, for both the Safety Bill H3856 and the Vintage Bill H3858.

Remember, all snowmobilers are on the SAM Legislative Team.

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