Friend of SAM: Roger and Joanne Clapp
Published on Saturday, May 4, 2013 in Awards, News & Updates
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The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts recognizes a family that has long supported recreation and snowmobiling, despite not being snowmobilers themselves. They have always understood the importance of snowmobiling to the area and the overall trail system.

Just over a year ago, Roger and Joanne Clapp. were working with the Franklin Land Trust and signed a Conservation Restriction on approximately 36 acres in Conway, of which a major snowmobile trail travels through.

While the Conservation Restriction is very clear about the prohibited use of motorized vehicles, the Clapp’s understood the difference and impacts of snowmobiling and put specific wording in the Conservation Restriction to allow continued snowmobile use.

Of significant importance is what the Clapp’s did as “A Friend of SAM” without any discussion or persuasion from the club. Roger and Joanne required the wording in the Conservation Restriction allowing snowmobiles all on their own.

In fact, the club was made aware of the Conservation Restriction and specific wording after the document was complete. If there were ever a true friend to SAM and the Conway Snowmobile Club, it is Roger and Joanne Clapp.

Pictured are Ronald Sweet, President of the Conway Snowmobile Club, and Craig Warner, who submitted the nomination. The club later presented the award to the Clapp family.

Photo by Scott Sumner

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