Friend of SAM: Roy and Jim Hoellerich
Published on Saturday, April 2, 2011 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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Throughout the years Roy and Jim Hoellerich have allowed the Adams Sno-Drifters and SAM members to access their land for a corridor trail. They allow the club to host activities, and support the concept of sleds using their property that are properly registered and have a trail pass. They provided parking for trailers, emergency gas, and even help with riders who suffer breakdowns. Recently a club member and his young granddaughter were riding the Greylock area when they encountered ice so bad that they couldn’t get back up the hill that led to home. While riding across a farm field they came upon a landowner and told talked about their fear of traveling back up the icy hill. The Hoellerichs not only offered to store the sled in their garage and welcome them into a heated area. They even gave them a ride home! The farm is currently in the process of being sold but they have written into the deed the use of the trail. The Hoellerichs are founding members of their club, they even helped coin their name: The Adams Sno-Drifters. SAM is proud to honor Roy and Jim Hoellerich.

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