Get out and explore the Savoy Kanary Kats trail system!
Published on Saturday, October 1, 2022 in News & Updates

Get out and explore!

We all love the crisp sound of the track in the snow, the sound of the skegs as they bite into a hard-packed, perfectly groomed trail. Did you ever catch yourself wondering what you’re driving past… an old farm from the 1800s, a historic mountain cemetery, a famous tannery from the 1700s? Well, the Savoy Kanary Kats trail system has something for everyone, including history buffs and explorers alike.

Our trail system has about 75 miles of high elevation trails ranging from old town roads, logging trails and narrow sidewinders. Our fleet of 4 large groomers including 3 LMC1800s and a Tucker 2000 keeps the big trails flat and fast while our three groomer sleds (including two Bear Cats and a Scandic) make the tighter trails flat and fun.

Although we groom the trails in Hawley and Windsor, the heart of our system is in Savoy. The first settlements started in 1771, it was named Savoy in 1797 and has a long history as you’ll see. We invite you to explore some of our unique trail-side attractions both in Savoy and points nearby. *Savoy General Store is now closed and the Hilltop is now called Pub 116

Beehive Kiln: The kiln was first built in 1870 and is the oldest flagstone kiln in New England, located in Hawley State Forest. It is 25 feet in diameter and 25 feet high and holds 35 cords of hard wood. Historically, the wood would be “baked” in low oxygen and the wood would convert to charcoal to be later burned. Charcoal burned much hotter than wood and was a desired commodity for blacksmithing throughout the late 1800s and early 1900s. If you go, please be gentle as its old and has been repaired numerous times to preserve our local history.

CCC Camps: The Civilian Conservation Corps created three camps in Savoy in 1932. They were created to keep men working during the great depression and employed 200-300 men at their peak. Many of projects and improvement are still in use today including dams on Bog Pond, Tannery Pond and Burnett Pond and numerous logging and replanting groves. The only visible evidence remaining of the three camps is a chimney off the east end Tannery Road heading toward Adams Road.

Sasquatch: Since the 1930s, there have been dozens of sasquatch sighting in the Savoy Mountain State Forest. Early CCC workers in the 1930s and 1940s, would report seeing tall, hair-covered giants wandering around. In recent years, hikers, campers and property owners have had numerous sightings. Perhaps while riding the trails, you too might see a mysterious and elusive creature wandering the woods of Savoy.

Tower 51: This 68’ high steel tower sits atop Borden Mountain at an elevation of 2500’ above sea level. It began its operation on August 1, 1913. Like a lighthouse keeper on the sea, fire wardens would staff the tower and keep a wary eye for any forest fires during the dry season of summer or fall. The State first purchased the mountain in 1917 which was the first parcel of the Savoy Mountain State Forest system.

Tannery Falls: Is a beautiful, quick (0.75 mile) hike off the snowmobile trail. It can be dangerous in the winter, so be safe. You’ll be rewarded by a magical 80’ tall waterfall from Ross Brook. You can also see the smaller Tannery Falls whose headwaters powered a tannery (place where animal hides are tanned for leather). If you drive slowly, right off the trail you might be able to make out the Tannery Pond, serving Tannery Brook and the antique spillway before the water flows to the falls. The original tannery operated in the 1840s until it burned in 1912.

Balanced Rock:
Deep in the heart of Savoy State Forest there is a large balanced rock. Perched on a hill off Tannery Road, a balanced rock sits ominously atop of a bedrock slab. Left by a receding glacier a million years ago the large rock is a sight to see and makes the perfect stop to stretch your legs and plan your next stop.

Pub 116: A stop at Pub 116 is a welcomed stop to meet up with old friends or make news ones. It’s a great place to grab a beverage or some of the best food for miles. The former Hilltop Colonial Inn (Hilltop) has been around a very long time and the new owners have made tons of improvement to ensure it will be around for years to come.

Hope to see you exploring our trails and cool spots… SEE YOU ON THE TRAILS!!!

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Club Meetings:
Our club meetings start at 7 PM at Groomer Garage (90 Tilton Road) on the second Friday of the month beginning in September through April. Check our website for dates and details for our family-friendly events including our winter carnival (in February).

Trail Trims:
Our trail trims start in September and run until we have ridable snow. Please join us on Sundays at 9 AM at 90 Tilton Road, Savoy, MA and we usually wrap up shortly after noon for some burgers and dogs.

Sled Raffle:
This year we’re raffling off a 2023 Polaris 850 Indy VR1 129. It retails for $16,399 and tickets are $20 each. See a club member, our webpage or supporting locations listed above for tickets.

As always… stay safe, join a club and get out and ride!

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