Groomer Operator of the Year: Paul Mastrianni
Published on Saturday, April 2, 2011 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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As you know, every club or organization has members who could be called unsung heroes. This club is no different. Paul is up early every Saturday and Sunday, heading out to a meeting, to clear trails, or to groom. He is a man doing what he loves best, keeping the trails safe for all to enjoy. Paul spends most of his free time during the week operating a groomer, a task that requires hours of commitment that few have. He is a taskmaster and knows how to gets things done. His dedication and enthusiasm for the sport is plainly evident. Even when Paul is out for a fun ride on his sled, he feels compelled to bring along a small chainsaw and stop periodically to cut a hanging branch or a fallen tree, thus making the trail a little more safe for not only us, but for others to ride as well. He is the guy who not only cut’s the trails but also grooms them, a one-man crew. SAM presented the Groomer of the Year Award to Paul Mastrianni of the Knox Trail Sno-Riders

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