• Happy New Year!

    Snowmobile New Years 2013
    Dec 31, 2012

    Snowmobile Jacket, by Shaun Michael Kuroly


    In a chest at the bottom of my closet,

    Lies a coat of colorful fabric.

    The smell of exhaust and gasoline,

    A smell of pure heaven, though wretched and vile,

    Fills me with a sense of joy and freedom.

    Each stitch holds a memory, each thread a story,

    of blistering cold, and ice covered lakes at 90 miles per hour.

    Ah, these are the things woven into the checkerboard pattern,

    The orange and greens, the collar and sleeves.

    I know when I put it on, how many more threads I’ll sew into it.

    More adventures I’ll play through in my beautiful jacket.

    I can already see them.

    I can see the snow covering the sleeves,

    The ice collected in the pockets.

    I shiver from the cold, and smile.


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    1. bilgepump says:

      a winter wonderland……

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