Incidents Prompt Ice-Safety Reminders (video)
Published on Tuesday, January 24, 2012 in In The News, News & Updates, Safety
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A mild winter has delivered less than ideal conditions for snowmobiling and unsafe ice conditions, resulting in several incidents throughout the state. Rena M. Sumner, executive director of the Snowmobiling Association of Massachusetts was quoted in a story that ran in the Worcester Telegram and Gazette, she said there is a lack of snow throughout the state, but snowmobilers should not be riding on ice because of the lack of an extended cold period.

Ms. Sumner said normally, if there is no riding in Massachusetts, snow can be found a couple of hours away in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont. This year, all areas have been suffering from a lack of snow.

A few years ago the association conducted a safety campaign that is still relevant today. The “Know Before You Go” campaign warned people to be sure of the ice conditions before taking their snowmobile out on the ice.

“My recommendation is to stay away from the ice,” said state Environmental Police Lt. Merri A. Walker.

Lt. Walker said people should not be out on the ice with the current weather conditions. She said people need to take responsibility and determine whether ice is safe before venturing off shore to fish or other enjoy other recreation, especially if they are taking a snowmobile, car or truck.

As stated in the past, Never consider ice safe. The up and down temperatures have made ice conditions unpredictable all over New England.

Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht, of the University of Manitoba, also known as Dr. Popsicle, has three amazing videos where he demonstrates survival techniques if you should ever crash through thin ice. This video depicts a sled traveling a lake at night

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