John Rackem: 2016 Trail Worker Of The Year
Published on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 in Awards, News & Updates
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Here, we have a snowmobile volunteer without an official title.

John Rackem’s role is out on the trails, making sure projects are completed, organizing what is needed, where it is needed, and when.

As a trail worker, John is always active in club fund raising events, whether it’s handling the parking duties at the annual Bernardston-Gill-Leyden Snowmobile Club swap meet or cooking at other club functions. He is always willing to help.

He is the club’s “Go to Guy” when it comes to trail work. He is always willing to help out, especially enjoying a challenge. When the club is up against a deadline, bad weather or just a tough day they all know who will be leading the way.

John never asks for anything in return despite using his personal tools, ATV and resources to help the club get the trails ready and after the snow flies.

He doesn’t let any obstacles get in the way. He should have been a mail man as he always delivers, through rain, snow, ice and even the hot summer sun. He has been known to take days of from work to go out on the trails and spends most of his holiday vacation time out there “Gettin it Done” as he says.

He contacts land owners, organizes his own crews, helps out with grooming and all around loves the sport, even when there is no snow on the trails.

Because John is a seasoned snowmobiling veteran, he’s always conscious of possible trail issues that might affect a young or beginner snowmobiliers. They get rectified on the spot.

John Rackem Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts 2016 Trail Worker Of The Year

The phrase “to numerous to count” absolutely applies to John Rackem.

The BGL club has a section of trail that is managed by the Dept of Fishies and Wildlife. Without his help the bridge work wouldn’t have been completed in the allotted time.

The club recently had to relocate a trail. Within a few months, largely in part to his help, the club successfully cut over a one mile trail and built over 120 linear feet of bridges. He was a major contributor on this project, taking many days off from work to donate his time to the club. He has over a 100 hours invested in our trail system and club this year.

John Rackem is a man of few words but many actions. He would rather be out in the woods than sitting in a meeting. He doesn’t need praise or to be put in the spotlight. A heartfelt thanks is all he needs to make him smile at the end of the day, and prepare him for the next project.

The positive impact John has made to the Bernardston-Gill-Leyden Snowmobile Club and it’s trails is obvious to all those that ride in the area, they see the benefits first hand.

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