Off-roaders: Please stay off the trails!
Published on Monday, January 24, 2022 in News & Updates
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The Knox Trail Sno-Riders and every snowmobile club work hard all year to keep the many unplowed town and state forest roads open, available, and groomed for a few weeks of the year for snowmobilers to enjoy this great sport.

All too often four wheelers drive onto these groomed roads only to get stuck, ruining the snow with tire ruts or even worse, plowing, to get rescued.

This just happened on Becket Road.

The town of Otis was notified and will look into helping us remedy the situation. If you are four wheeling and see a road that is obviously being used by sleds, please stay off! You can use these roads most other times. Let the sledders have theirs.

Thank you!

—Jim Richard Media Director KTSR

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