Safety 101 (by Rena Sumner)
Published on Wednesday, January 13, 2010 in Executive Perspective, News & Updates
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Safety…everywhere we go we hear about safety! We talk the talk…we walk the walk…but do we walk the talk? I made this same comment in 2006 when the SAM Trails and Safety Grant Program originated. At that time Delegates voted to spend $2,500.00 for the enforcement of safe trails. Since the program began, more than $13,000.00 has been invested in this program.

The bottom line is your Delegates walk the talk with this investment in legality and safety. Remember the trails didn’t “just appear”… it is the hard work of 34 SAM Clubs!  We encourage you to walk the talk and not let friends (or neighbors) ride without a MA registration and a 2010 Membership SAM Trail Pass.

The 2009/2010 season will see an additional $5,000.00 approved for this program, which runs through the Massachusetts Environmental Police (EPO). SAM is proud to support the Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers in their endeavors to maintain the authority on our trails and we appreciate their dedication to the job and to keeping our trails safe for this wonderful family recreation!

This year International Snowmobile Safety Week will be on January 10-16, 2010 and we invite you to take a quick safety refresher before you hit the trails on the SAFE RIDER’s Home page at

Make the SAFE RIDER’S campaign your New Year’s Resolution!


  1. Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix, don’t drink and ride
  2. Know before you go! Always check local ice conditions
  3. When night riding, slow down! Expect the unexpected.
  4. Ride safe, stay on the trail. Respect private property.
  5. Know the risks, and be prepared. And make every trip a round trip.
  6. Cross with care, don’t become road-kill
  7. Snowmobiling is a fun family life-style activity, join us today.
  8. Ride smart, ride right, stay in control
  9. One is the loneliest number, never ride alone
  10. Promote your right to ride, get involved
  11. Smart riders are safe riders, take snowmobile safety training
  12. Snowmobiling: A way to connect with family and friends

I’m thinking snow and wishing you a year of SAFE RIDING!

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