SAM Annual Award Nominations (Dan Gould)
Published on Thursday, February 25, 2016 in News & Updates, President's Message
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It’s clear that the clubs and volunteers were running in overdrive this season. Sure, it can be a thankless job. Many of you volunteer to be with friends or have fun with the family. Some of you do it because you want to make sure it’s done the right way. Self satisfaction counts.

That said, I want to remind you of the importance of submitting nominations for the SAM Annual Awards. There are nine categories, ranging from Club of the Year to Snowmobiler of the Year. Nominate as many people as you want. You can even nominate a single person in multiple categories. Go crazy.

My favorite is the Junior Snowmobiler of the Year. There are dozens of young men and women, volunteering every weekend, who are being groomed to lead your club and this association. Take a minute and nominate them right now. They need to be recognized.

Submit a previous nomination

Maybe you nominated someone in the past, but it didn’t work out as planned. It may be time to buff-up that old nomination and submit it again. Seriously, many volunteers are nominated several times over a period of years before they take center stage.

Try to give as many examples as possible. Saying that Dick and Jane show up at every event won’t cut it. Explain what they have accomplished this year, and years past. What do they mean to the club?

Deadline is March 1

Nominations can be submitted online at the Awards and Scholarships Page. It’s as easy as filling out the form.

Include Photos

Photos of your volunteer at work are prized, so upload a picture or two while filling out the form. Don’t wait, the deadline is March 1.

Bring Your Nominee to the SAM Annual Meeting

Make no mistake, just being nominated is a major honor. Be sure your nominee attends the SAM annual meeting for the presentations, Thursday April 7, at the Bluebonnet Restaurant in Northampton. You can register online at the events page.

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