SAM I AM: Brian Blanchard (Terry Holland)
Published on Friday, November 22, 2013 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Brian Blanchard is a member of the Snowbirds Snowmobile Club and has been riding for 42 years. His first snowmobile was a red 1973 Scorpion 290, his currently sled is a 2013 Ski-Doo MX-Z Renegade 1200 with an adjustable 10-inch riser so the 6’8″ tall rider can reach the handlebars  when standing.

Favorite riding area: Rutland Prison Camps. As a small child, my father took my brother and sister riding in the camps. Last year I got the chance to go back again and ride with my brother Mark. It has not changed, it’s just as I recalled it from childhood. Awesome!

Tell us a story (or two): A few years ago I took a few beginners riding for the first time. 18 miles from our starting point, a friend went off the trail and broke a ski. After pulling it out of the tree, I rode his sled back on one ski to a dealer. He rode my brand new sled after his crash. I guess that’s trust.

My dad was an active snowmobiler and so it follows that the family was, too. As a kid I once sat behind my sister Karen as she took off on our 1980 Scorpion Whip. She rode the machine around the lake like she stole it and didn’t realize until she got back and saw me standing there that I slipped right off when she started.

Tell us something interesting about you: I can draw people into a conversation about snowmobiling almost everyday, 365 days per year if I want. I love this sport and continue to educate people on how much fun it can be. I would love to own a dealership someday so I can continue to talk about sledding everyday.

Sound Off: This sport is incredible. Great time with friends and family, no doubt. It always amazes me that at the end of a day, 250 miles later, how these sleds get me from point A to point B, since I stand 6’8″, 260 pounds with no issues. Best sport ever. All I can say is, stay to the right!

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