SAM Charity Report (Marcia Miller, chairperson)
Published on Wednesday, November 16, 2011 in Charity, General Announcements, Guest Columns, News & Updates
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As we enter the time of year where we reflect on those things we are grateful for and then start to think about those things we would like to give as gifts for the holidays, let us remember those who may not have the advantages we do. Our annual Toys for Tots drive is coming up soon. Toys for Tots is a program where new unwrapped toys are collected and then distributed to local agencies so those children who are not as fortunate as many of us, can enjoy the holiday season along with other children. As you have heard many times in the news, or may know of a family personally, times are still very tough. Some families have been affected by the economy and others affected by the unusual natural disasters we have experienced here in Western Mass. No matter what the case, every child deserves to open a gift at Christmas time. Last year SAM clubs came through and went over and above with their donations. We collected over 150 toys and over $100. It is our goal to go beyond those numbers to make sure each child has a memorable holiday. We truly appreciate the efforts of SAM members who participate in this worthy charity.

SAM was busy last year raising money to send two people to Camp SnoMo. As you can see in the picture, kids and young people with severe disabilities can have the opportunity to enjoy a week of camp that is safe for them. It also provides a week of respite for the families that are taking care of these individuals 24/7. Last year SAM was just a few dollars shy of raising the $1600 to send two people. The camp is operated through Easter Seals and they were very grateful for what we were able to do. One of the ways we raised the money was to challenge the clubs to each put in $35.00 each. Most of the clubs participated and it helped to bring us that much closer to our goal. Thank you to those who helped send these two individuals to camp.

We have heard lately in the news that there is a renewed effort for people to find a cause and volunteer their time to help. This is the theme we have been promoting for the last few years. We know that we all give of our time to clear and maintain the trail system for snowmobilers to enjoy, however, there is much more that can and needs to be done. I encourage everyone to look around and see what projects and organizations that need help. Look for something in which you are interested in or have a talent in. The time you spend volunteering will be more enjoyable if you have fun doing it. If you find a charity you volunteer for, let others know. Spread the word that we need to get out there and be part of a change for the better.

Please remember to write down what you do and what your club becomes involved in. We need to keep track of our charitable giving and time spent. Snowmobilers have huge hearts… we give of ourselves in many ways and when it comes time for our governing bodies to know what we do, and who we are, we need to have the statistics behind us to tell our story.

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