SAM I AM: Chris Marcinczyk (Terry Holland)
Published on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Chris Marcinczyk is a member of the Berkshire Snow Seekers, Savoy Kanary Kats and the Woodford Snow Busters. He’s been riding snowmobiles for 10-years, his current sled is a 2011 Ski-Doo XRS E-TEC 800

Volunteer work: Grooming the goat paths around Pontoosuc Lake and up to Cheshire Lake. I have recently upgraded my personal sled-groomer to a 2012 Skandic E-TEC 600 WT from the 2003 I purchased in 2008.

Fall trail cleanup is my second most favorite time of year to be out in the woods, next to the middle of winter.

I also enjoy helping SAM by moderating the forums at SAM’s website,, under the username cmarzy.

Favorite riding area: The Hill Towns of the Berkshires, Windsor, Savoy, etc. They usually get the most snow due to the high elevation. I also enjoy Pittsfield State Forest and hanging around Pontoosuc Lake.

Tell us something interesting about you: Being an adrenaline junkie, it may be hard to believe, but I enjoy yoga, too.

Sound Off: Remember, snowmobiling on state and private land is a privilege not a right. Please respect this so our future riders can enjoy this sport as much as we do.

Chris Marcinczyk Ski-Doo

Tell us a story: One of my earliest memories of snowmobiling was in the early ‘70’s. My aunt and uncle had two snowmobiles, an Arctic Cat Puma and a Scorpion. They kept the sleds at Goerlach’s Farm in Hinsdale. The farm had a barn heated by a wood stove, where many riders kept their sleds. I remember there was so much snow that when my aunt let me drive her across Windsor Reservoir she said, “Whatever you do, do not let off on the throttle or we will get stuck.” Later that day she let me and my cousin ride around the barn. It seemed like we could do it for hours. I got so tired that at one point I couldn’t make a corner and drove the sled up on top of a big rock.

I have a calendar that I use all year round to countdown how many days until the snowmobile season starts. Of all of the motorsports/activities that I like ATVing, boating, camping, and so on, snowmobiling is by far my favorite.

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