SAM I AM: Jon Tobin
Published on Sunday, October 19, 2014 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Jon Tobin is a member of the Burgy Bullets Snowmobile Club. He’s been riding snowmobiles for 21-years, his current sled is a 2001 Arctic Cat Z440 Sno-Pro 440F.

Sled mods: No major modifications. The track was studded with 1.5 inch studs when I got it from my buddy, Matt. The trails in Western Mass. can get pretty slick, so I don’t think I’d ever run a sled without studs.

Club position: President since 2010, before that I was Activities Director for the 08/09 and 09/10 seasons. We currently don’t have a trail boss, so trails are covered by a few of us.

Volunteer work: I try to put a lot of focus on my snowmobile club. With work, family, and club stuff, I don’t have a lot of other free time to contribute other places. Keeping the clubhouse maintained, along with trail work and meetings, keep me pretty busy.

Favorite riding area: I love riding the “Loop” out of the Bullets and going through Conway, Ashfield, Plainfield, Cummington, Worthington, Chesterfield and back to the BBSC. It’s a good 80-90 miles.

Burgy Bullets Snowmobile Club

Tell us a story: Riding the weekend after Nemo hit, my buddy Kevin and I made it to the Westfield River in Chesterfield. The river banks must have been ten-feet high. Some riders on the other side yelled over telling us to go for it, they’d grab our ski tips. Needless to say, we chose an alternate route.

Tell us something interesting about you: I’ve had two heart-valve replacement surgeries and have had my fair share of close calls. Those make me appreciate all the good things in life. I live it to the fullest and enjoy the time and friends I have. Know your limits, but enjoy yourself.

Sound Off: I’m really proud that we have a core of good people who help out at the BBSC. It’s tough, but I love doing the work. I wish we could get more people involved in the grassroots of the sport, not just the riding. Without the clubs, we have no trails. Good seasons, bad seasons, we still need the clubs.

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