SAM I Am: Matt Crowningshield
Published on Sunday, October 25, 2015 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Matt Crowningshield is a member of the Indian Head Snowmobile Club and has been riding sleds for 24 years. His current ride is a 2003 Polaris XC-SP 600

Sled mods: I raised the handlebars, installed studs and added hand-guards.

Matt Crowningshield

Club position: For about ten years I have been club president and treasurer. I have also served as SAM delegate for about nine years.

Volunteer work: I enjoy grooming trails and preparing them for the winter., everything from building new trails to basic trail trims. Getting out and improving the trails is good exercise and helps keep everyone safe.

Favorite riding area: My favorite place to ride is up in the Hilltowns; there’s so much to see and I know the trails like the back of my hand.

Tell us a story: The funniest thing I’ve ever saw on a snowmobile was a group of riders that were dressed up like the Flintstones, just out enjoying the trails.

Matt Crowningshield grooming trails

Sound Off: Snowmobiling is a fun sport and smooth trails are great. Remember to always thank the groomer operators, they are all volunteers and take the time to do the job. Without volunteers we wouldn’t have anywhere to ride, trails don’t build themselves. Remember to support your local club and buy a trail pass.

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