SAM I Am: Spike Wheeler
Published on Friday, January 29, 2016 in Guest Columns, News & Updates
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Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts member profile: Spike Wheeler is a member of the Colrain Sno-Drifters and has been riding sleds for 45 years. His current ride is a 2012 Ski-Doo MXZ TNT 600 ACE.

Sled mods: Just a bigger windscreen.

Snowmobiling in Colrain Massachusetts

Club position: Trail worker and groomer, SAM delegate.

Favorite riding area: I like it all, from Conway, MA to Vermont, and BGL to Greylock. We are lucky to have so many real good clubs in our area.

Spike Wheeler of the Colrain Sno-Drifters

Tell us something about yourself: I like building drags with my friend Maloney (Catamount Man) on the other side of the river. My hobbies include boating and waterskiing, old David Brown tractors, model trains, and, oh yeah, snowmobiling.

Spike Wheeler Colrain Sno-Drifters groomer operator

Sound Off: S.O.S. Save Our Snow. Don’t spin your track! Make a groomer happy!

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