Ski-Doo Olympic Wood Sculpture
Published on Wednesday, February 17, 2016 in News & Updates, Vintage
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Ken Packie carved this 1966 Ski-Doo Olympic for the Knox Trail Sno-Riders from a single log. The sculpture is used as a fundraiser, with money going into a slot behind the windshield, like a piggy bank. Knox club president Jeff Gamelli came up with the idea, and wouldn’t you know it, he just happens to own a real ‘66 Olympic, which he acquired when he was 14 years old.

The wood carving closely resembles the iconic sled.


Ken Packie is a professional wood sculptor residing in the Berkshires. He uses chainsaws, chisels, and fire to free his creations from their logs. You can learn more about Ken and view his artwork at

The real machine in the photo belongs to fellow Knox member, John Ruffo, who has written about his grandfather’s, Paul Bogos, snowmobile adventures. His grandfather was given the sled in the late 70’s and rode it for many winters before parking it in the basement.


John hauled the 1970 Ski-Doo Olympic out from under his grandfather’s house for restoration. After he got it running again, he changed his mind about the restoration aspect, deciding instead to keep it original, in its “Barn Find” condition, just as it was when his grandfather was squeezing the chrome throttle lever.

The sled was proudly on display at the Mass Vintage Snowmobile Club’s exhibit at the Sled Expo and if you keep your goggles clear you may spot it on the trails this season. John’s putting “Old Yeller” back on the trail and will be steering it through the hills and switchbacks of Massachusetts once again.

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