Ski-Doo Unveiled 2012 MX Zx RS Racer
Published on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 in General Announcements, News & Updates, Snowmobile Tech
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Ski-Doo unveiled big improvements for its 2012 MX Zx RS racing sled. The rear suspension, introduced last year as “PCX,” was a name only intended to disguise the rMotion name until the consumer version was introduced. For 2012, the rear suspension is named rMotion Racing. Both skid frames share the same basic geometry with a rising-rate rear shock and long front arm. Each are optimized for their intended uses. The rMotion Racing has a new reinforced rear arm, improved coupling system and new reinforced powder coated rails for reduced ice build up.

On the front suspension new, taller spindles improves ski pressure and cornering while the new powder coating will reduce snow and ice build up.

An improved steering post and bushing reduce bump steer to non-existent and the new upper A-arm which creates a new steeper caster angle. Racers will notice much straighter tracking through the bumps and better chassis balance front to rear.

Other notable features:

600 RS Engine: six more horsepower

  • New crank case design
  • New patent pending crankshaft design
  • New cylinder design
  • New fuel pump and hose routing
  • Broader power band, from 8300 – 8800 RPM

Front Suspension:

  • New taller, powder coated spindle
  • New steering post
  • New steering post bushing
  • New upper A-arm
  • New shock calibration

Rear Suspension – rMotion Racing :

  • New reinforced rear arm
  • Improved coupling system
  • New reinforced powder coated rails
  • New shock calibration

Drive Line:

  • New engine mounts
  • New sliding driven clutch
  • Better venting to clutches
  • New Belt 
New 19/49 gearing
  • New brake venting

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