Sledmass Toys for Tots Donations
Published on Monday, December 21, 2015 in Charity, News & Updates
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The clubs of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts went big this year, we’re talking Ho Ho Ho Santa-size big. The sledmass clubs love Christmas shopping, especially for the Toys for Tots program. They know first-hand the magic of Christmas giving, so they passed around Saint Nick’s hat too.

When all was said and done, SAM clubs donated 120 toys and $1,485 in cash!

A tremendous effort that will make Christmas extra special for hundreds of children this year.

Wow! Marcia Miller, SAM’s Charity Committee Chair, couldn’t fit all the donated toys in her car at SAM’s December meeting, so her husband, SAM Vice President Jeff Miller, filled the cab of his pick-up. The pink unicorn riding shotgun must have confused more than a few motorists.

The Toys for Tots donations were delivered to the Oak Ridge Detachment of the Marine Corp Reserves, who presented SAM with a sharp looking certificate of appreciation.

Snowmobilers, and in particular SAM members, are well known for their volunteer and charity efforts, this year was no exception, exceeding last season’s collection by a sizable margin.

The officers of SAM want to extend their gratitude to the clubs and individuals who go toy shopping and collect donations. Your charity and care for others during the holiday season is amazing.

We also want to thank Marcia and the rest of the Miller clan for their effort in organizing what is one of SAM’s most satisfying charities.

Merry Christmas to all.

Photos by Marcia Miller

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