Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts Deliver Toys For Tots (Marcia Miller)
Published on Monday, December 22, 2014 in Charity, News & Updates
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I am not sure what words to use to describe how amazed I am at what the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts accomplished this year for Toys for Tots. The December SAM meeting was where the magic happened. Club upon club brought in their bags of toys which were arranged by our youngest SAM helper, Ariana, to display the over 70 toys donated to those kids who’s Christmas would be less joyful if it weren’t for the Toys for Tots program.

youngest SAM helper, Ariana, to display the over 70 toys donatedClub after club also approached me before and after the meeting with checks made out for the program. When all was said and done there was $1,110.00 in checks to help purchase toys still needed. I am very happy to say we had 23 clubs participate with a special thank you to one club who went above and beyond with a check for $500.00! That next week one club had their Christmas party where they collected over 30 toys to make the total count just over 100 toys!


We heard that the Marine Corp was in need of toys for ages 12-18 so we brought the checks to our friends at the Oak Ridge Detachment Marine Corp Reserves early. They were shocked at what we were giving. It certainly went a long way to help fill in that age group whose “toys” may be a little more expensive. We brought the rest of the toys to their annual Toys for Tots breakfast where it took 4-5 of us multiple trips to bring in all the loot. Again they were very grateful for what we were able to do.

Maybe it is the “big kids” in us that makes this charity so successful. There were even multiple trucks with snowmobiles in tow in the toy donations! Whatever the case, snowmobilers are the best… you really came through this year for kids who need a smile on Christmas. I am amazed at the job the Marine Corp people have to do with sorting and sending gifts to the appropriate centers. Their job is huge.

Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts Deliver Toys For TotsThank you to those who donate their time to do this. In closing, I can only hope next year is as good as this year. Maybe hit some stores for their after Christmas specials and set the toys aside for next year.

Thank you so very much for all you do, not only now, but all year long. Please send along pictures and stories of charity work your clubs are doing. It shows we are a great group of people who care about others.


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