Snowmobile Safety and Enforcement Program Kick-Off
Published on Friday, January 14, 2011 in General Announcements, In The News, News & Updates, Safety
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The Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts announces their trail safety and enforcement grants.

Recognizing that the first major snowfall will allow snowmobile enthusiasts an opportunity to ride, the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts (SAM) announces the implementation of a $5,000 Trails Safety Grant to hire additional patrols of SAM snowmobile trails by the Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers (EPO).

Starting this week, the grant will be used to provide additional trail enforcement and safety checks throughout the state, promoting snowmobiling as a safe family recreation.

SAM recognizes that a partnership with the governmental, educational and environmental communities is the most effective way to achieve the goal of our mission! “Committed To Enhancing Safe Snowmobiling in Massachusetts”

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