Snowmobile Safety: Ride Safe So You Can Ride Tomorrow
Published on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 in News & Updates, Uncategorized
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Snowmobiling is in full stride around the world and now is the time for snowmobilers to keep snowmobile safety a top-of-mind awareness issue. Snowmobile safety is nothing new to organized snowmobiling. Snowmobile Administrators, the manufacturers, snowmobile associations and clubs joined together years ago in developing the Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling safe™ safety campaign which brought safe snowmobiling practices, training and enforcement to a new level. The Safe Riders! campaign, designed by snowmobilers for snowmobilers is financially supported by the snowmobile manufacturers. The campaign includes safety related materials such as decals, posters, the Safe Riders! DVD, public service announcements, and more. Millions of Safe Riders! Snowmobiling Fact Books, Brochures and Posters have been distributed throughout the world to safety trainers and clubs and associations – free of charge – from the manufacturers’ ISMA office. Thousands of the Safe Riders! You make snowmobiling safe™ 22-minute safety DVDs have been sent to safety trainers and safety minded snowmobilers worldwide. The DVD is an excellent adjunct tool for snowmobile safety classes. They are available by contacting the ISMA Office through our web site

This year, International Snowmobile Safety Week is January 15-21, 2012. A Safety Week Manual has been designed to give clubs and associations guidance in how to plan and hold safety programs. The Safety Week Manual can be downloaded from the ISMA Web site The campaign is only as good as the instructors and the support received from the community. Thankfully the instructor base is expanding and the support of government and enforcement officials is exceptional.

Snowmobiling accidents and fatalities have continued to decline over the past three years and statistics show there is more than a 50% reduction in accidents and fatalities while snowmobiling over the last 9 years. The Safe Riders! campaign highlights key issues of importance for snowmobile safety. The position statements are concise and easy to understand. They include:

1. Snowmobiling and Alcohol don’t mix – don’t drink and ride
2. When night riding slow down – expect the unexpected
3. Know before you go – always check local ice conditions
4. Cross all roads with care – don’t become road-kill
5. One is the loneliest number – never ride alone
6. Know the risks and be prepared – make every trip a round trip
7. Ride smart ride right – stay in control
8. Smart Riders are Safe Riders – always take snowmobile safety training

Recreational snowmobiling has become the winter recreation lifestyle choice for millions of families worldwide. We encourage all snowmobilers to take a minute and make safety a top-of-mind awareness issue. Familiarize yourself with your snowmobile and the area that you will be riding, dress properly, and follow the above mentioned campaign guidelines.

Please remember if you would like any of the Safe Riders! posters, brochures, fact books or the safety DVD please visit and let us know.

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