Snowmobiler of the Year: Deane Messeck
Published on Saturday, April 14, 2012 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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This year’s nominee has served his club in many capacities: trail boss, landowner liaison, club president, and oftentimes the official club dish washer. He is instrumental in organizing club events, flipping burgers or pancakes… whatever needs to be done. As a volunteer, he is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave. As you can tell, he is a hands-on guy, maintaining the club’s trail clearing gear and grooming equipment. Not a day goes by during the season that he isn’t tinkering on club equipment, often times making modifications to improve durability or performance. He does all of this as a volunteer, giving both his time and the use of his personal heavy equipment, and asking for nothing in return. He is a mentor to all, lending advice to the up and coming youngsters in the club, reminding them to be safe and respectful of the landowners. A true supporter of grass-roots snowmobiling in Massachusetts and deserving of being recognized as Snowmobiler of the Year. SAM is proud to present the Snowmobiler of the Year Award to Deane Messeck of the Worthington Snowmobile Club.

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