The International Snowmobile Congress: You Need To Attend (Dan Gould) (video)
Published on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 in International Snowmobile Congress, News & Updates, President's Message
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As a club volunteer and leader you understand the challenges of keeping an organization running. You most likely have a hand in everything, from maintaining the trails to running events. You do it all. It just so happens that the enthusiasm (and frustrations) you sometimes feel is exactly what others experience in clubs all over the world. That is what makes International Snowmobile Congress (ISC) so special.

Snowmobilers from the United States, Canada, Sweden and Russia gather once a year to network. They share accomplishments, solve problems, float new ideas and simply talk to others in a language that everyone understands: snowmobiling.

Yes, it is the largest snowmobile meeting in the world, bringing people like you together with snowmobile manufacturers, groomer manufacturers, leaders of organizations, writers of snowmobile publications, snowmobile administrators, government representatives and others addicted to sledding.

There are three basic components to ISC 2012: Organization, Education and Fun.

Organization: The major snowmobile organizations of the world meet and discuss ongoing issues and trends. Your input and participation is needed. There will be discussion and recommendations in regards to safety, the environment, access and other key matters that shape national and international policies. The prominent organizations are: the International Snowmobile Council, the American Council of Snowmobile Associations (ACSA), the Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO), the Snowmobile Federation of Sweden (SNOFED) and the Russian Snowmobile ATV Association (RSAA). A detailed description of the organizations can be found here

Education: ISC is all about learning and sharing knowledge, for the betterment of all. ISC 2012 will feature approximately 20 workshops covering a wide range of topics. There will be at least four separate groomer workshops covering topics such as proper grooming techniques, summer maintenance and even GPS tracking of the fleet. Other workshops include recreational trail easements, political impact, running your club like a business, trail design and signage, even vintage snowmobile restoration. Knowledge is power and we plan to empower you. Find out more here

Fun: Do you really need an explanation? As a volunteer you work your tail off every fall and winter. We recognize you efforts and want to show you a good time… after hours of course. On Tuesday, the first day of ISC, there will be a Welcome Reception where you can mingle and relax at the poolside courtyard. Wednesday will feature a surprise off-site event (an ISC tradition) followed by Snow Fun at the Tavern. Thursday is a free night allowing you to explore the area’s historic offerings, restaurants and shops. Come back later that night to the Snow Fun social at the Tavern. Friday features the notoriously famous groomer reception and lakeside display with food and drink. Immediately following is a party by the Association of Wisconsin Snowmobile Clubs, who will be hosting ISC in 2013. Yup, we are already making plans for next year! Saturday night caps-off the week with the red carpet treatment. The jacket and tie awards banquet offers a full course meal and the national awards presentations. And finally, the Thirsty Dogs meet late Saturday eve. Sorry, I can’t tell you more about the Thirsty Dogs, you’ll have to find out for yourself. The full schedule of events can be found here.

ISC 2012 meets for five days, June 5-9, at the Sturbridge Host Hotel and Conference Center in historic Sturbridge. The Snowmobile association of Massachusetts is proud to host this premier event and invites you to join hundreds of other enthusiasts for a fast paced week of organization, education and fun: A truly Revolutionary Experience!

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