Top 10 Snowmobile Stories of 2016
Published on Tuesday, January 3, 2017 in In The News, News & Updates
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Here are the Top 10 Snowmobile Stories of 2016, written by fellow members of the Snowmobile Association of Massachusetts, just for you! It’s a mix of products, experiences, opinions, humor and fun. It’s also an invitation for you to send a story of your own to sledmass in 2017. Give it a try.

Snowmobile Ski Test: Simmons Gen III Flexi Ski

Great American Ski Test: By Jim Tucker

The most recent snowmobile ski test features the Simmons Gen III Flexi Ski. Jim Tucker’s ongoing multi-part series compares several brands of snowmobile skis at the sledmass test facility. He openly shares his conclusions.

Remove Snowmobile Clutch with Water

Remove a Snowmobile Clutch with Water: Dan Gould

They said it couldn’t be done but it was actually easier than using a metal screw-type puller. Watch the First Lady of Snowmobiling show you the basic proceedure in a brief but entertaining video.


Colin Mackie 2016 Junior Snowmobiler Of The Year:

Someday this guy could be the president of SAM. He volunteers more time for our association than 90% of all other snowmobilers in Massachusetts. He gets it.

Snowmobiles Stopped

The Day The Snowmobiles Stopped: By Randy Toth

No one saw this coming. Randy wrote the story in 2012 and it seems every person who ever worked on a snowmobile trails could relate. This fall a club in the Midwest stumbled upon the article durung a Google search and it went viral.

Russian snowmobilers Igor Zapivalov, Roman Shtefan, Evgeniy Borodin

Snowmobile Russia: Dan Gould

Everyone’s snowmobiled in the U.S. and Canada but very few have made the trek to snowmobile in Russia… yet. If you’re game for a true adventure, like none other, this is the trip of a lifetime, one you will never forget.

Work and Play: Suzuki Groomer

Work and Play Suzuki Groomer: Steve Howland

Steve is a members of the Buckland Riders who came to the rescue with a home-brewed groomer and assisted communications companies with critical transmitters that lost power at the top of Mt. Tom.

Support Your Snowmobile Club

Support Your Snowmobile Club: Brad Stafford

Brad takes to the bully pulpit, as only he can, and explains how difficult it is for the clubs to maintain the trails and how important it is to support them, snow or no snow!

Crazy About Mercury Snowmobiles

Crazy About Mercury: John Ruffo

Vintage snowmobile collecting is a growing. Some like to buy cream puffs that look better than they did when they left the showroom. Others, like John Ruffo, are they ones that actually do all the work, passionately at that.

Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle

Rapid Deployment Snow Vehicle:

Mix Sci-Fi with snowmobiles and what do ya get? The RDSV. Looking more like the sexy sister of NASA’s Mars Rover than a snowmobile, it is a romp in the snow. Without a doubt, the best looking side-by-side to date.

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