Trail Worker of the Year: Jim Richard
Published on Saturday, April 14, 2012 in General Announcements, News & Updates
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Typically the recipient of this award operates in the shadows, their name and whereabouts a mystery to the majority of club members. It’s rare that anyone ever witnesses the actual duties being carried out. What they discover are the results. The club newsletter shows up in member’s mailboxes, complete with advertisements. A new club map suddenly appears in local shops and it even corresponds to new markings on the trails. Who did that? Did you se the new grooming equipment the club got? Who came up with the idea to do all that fundraising? Did you notice the trails were groomed last night, who the heck did that, the trail fairies? I tell you what, this only scratches the surface of what this volunteer does for his club and the trail system and it’s about time we outed him. Has anyone seen Jim Richard of the Knox Trail Sno-Riders?

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