Your Vintage Snowmobile on Display at the Sled Expo
Published on Tuesday, October 6, 2015 in News & Updates, Vintage
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Display Your Vintage Snowmobile at Sled Expo

Come see some of the best vintage snowmobiles in New England at the Sled Expo, October 17 and 18. Better yet, put your vintage sled on display in front of thousands of rabid enthusiast at the biggest snowmobile show in Massachusetts.

Vintage wankel snowmobile engine

The Massachusetts Vintage Snowmobile Club welcomes everyone to join the fun and hang with other motorheads.

Register your sled for the show right now, the deadline is October 14. Our online form makes it a snap.

This is a two-day show, so be prepared to wax, buff and answer vintage questions both Saturday and Sunday. Gas must be drained in order to be brought into the Expo and displayed!


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