Ware River and Easy Riders Featured in Newspaper
Published on Sunday, December 1, 2013 in In The News, News & Updates
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The Worcester Telegram and Gazette featured a story about the upcoming snowmobile season “Mass. snowmobiles go where the cover is deep” by George Barnes.

Quoted in the story were SAM members Jay Pease and Herb Hilton.

“Mr. Pease of the Ware River club said snowmobile clubs’ expansion and maintaining the trail systems is part of the mission of the clubs, along with promoting snowmobiling and working with landowners to get them to open their properties to enthusiasts. He said he has been riding snowmobiles for more than 40 years. He said when he was young his parents were involved with a local snowmobile club, but they pretty much could ride wherever they want.”

Ware River Snowmobile Club

“Not every club has its own trails. Herb Hilton of the Easy Rider Snowmobile Club in Marlboro said his club no longer has its own trails to ride on. He said it used to, but through land sales and construction lost the ability to use them.”

“Out biggest challenge right now is to maintain our right to ride on the trails we maintain,” he said.

Ron Higgins of Higgins Power Equipment was also quoted, “If they get the snow, snowmobilers can literally drive out their front door and onto trails that will take them all the way to Canada. Throughout Massachusetts there is a network of trails maintained by the Ware River Club and the other clubs, which allow snowmobilers not only the ability to travel from town to town, especially here and in Western Massachusetts, but throughout New England. There are about 1,000 miles of groomed trails and 1,000 miles of ungroomed trails in Massachusetts alone.”

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Photo by Dan Gould

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